Pool Question

Jesus once met a man at the Pool of Bethesda. This man had been lame for thirty-eight years. Jesus asked him "Do you wish to get well?" (John 5:6)

Do You Wish to Get Well?

I have skimmed over that question many times. It seems like a silly question. Of course the person wants healing! Doesn't he?

What About Us?

The initial reaction for most of us is to assume a hurt and lame person wants healing. How about our pains? Many of us have emotional hurts. Some of us feel crippled or weak in some way. What is our perspective?

It is easy to get comfortable with our painful lives. That may sound strange, but it is true! Perhaps we have given up hope of having a life that is different. Perhaps we enjoy some of the pity and sympathy. Perhaps one pain helps us deal with or hide other pains. We may end up with a skewed world-view where our pain becomes our "friend". 

Some of us have carried around personal hurts for many years. Some agonize over the status of their marriage or another relationship. They feel pain and disappointment. And their anger may have turned to bitterness that eats away at their physical, emotional, and spiritual health. But... The pain is familiar. 

The Pool

The pool at Bethesda was known for occasionally having healing powers. So some of the sick, blind, and lame people waited for months or years for a chance to experience that healing from the waters. 

We may choose a route or method that is known to occasionally bring healing and success. Often we keep on trying that same method even when it fails. After all, the phrase "Try. Try again." has been drilled into us from childhood. 

There are times when persistence is important and required. But, sometimes we need to be creative and open to trying something else. In relationships, a minor change by one may have major impact on the relationship for both people. 

If the current method does not appear to be working, it may be time to consider another way. Perhaps Jesus has a plan "with your name on it". He does not always bring changes instantaneously or through obvious miracles. The wellness may come through the help of other resources including people, books, or a Web site. The Creator has creative ways of bringing us to healing and wholeness. 

Do YOU Wish to Get Well?

Jesus wants to comfort us and heal our pains. He desires to strengthen us where we may be lame or weak. He may be asking you "Do you wish to get well?" 

He has your best interests in mind. Trust Him today.

Someone You Know

How about the people you know? Perhaps one of them is symbolically waiting at the pool. Can you give them some encouragement? Can you give them a ray of hope? There are articles on a related Web site and links to other resources that will help them discover why they may feel frustrated or depressed about their situation - particularly marriages. And there are ways to joy in relationships and life. There is hope. Share the good news with someone you care about. Thanks!

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