As Long As You're Happy...

"As long as you're happy" This common phrase is heard referring to major life decisions.

The Bible never uses happiness as the standard for decisions.

We are called to holiness, love, obedience, purity, hope, thankfulness, and much more. These are all part of being called to an intimate, faithful relationship with the Lord. Yes, a "lord" we respect and to whom we submit.

In this, we find a deep joy that transcends any circumstances. And, yes, we will find happiness too from time to time. Happiness is a response to circumstances. Joy comes from new perspectives and attitudes.

But, on the other hand, sadness and somberness is NOT more holy than joy. Like a marriage relationship, as you move from doing things because you "should" or "have to" to desiring to please the love of your life, you will experience great joy and frequent happiness.

Happiness is not the goal. But, it is a pleasant "fruit", or result, of living the life God desires for you.

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