Golfing with Tiger

Tiger Woods is considered one of the best golfers of this decade, perhaps of all-time. Whenever he plays, he has a good chance of winning.

Let's imagine Tiger wants to bless you - yes, you. How could Tiger bless you? Certainly he could send some cash your way. But cash is pretty generic. Lots of people in this country have money. What would be a special blessing that only Tiger could give?

What if you got a chance to golf with Tiger? Wouldn't that be fun? Our first thought is probably of a celebrity round or a round for charity, just for fun.

But no, this will be golfing that counts. Now you may have mixed feelings. It will be good to golf with him. But he will whip my butt when it comes to scoring.

The good news is that is not the case. You get to be on his side. This will be team play. And it is not just for a round. It is in a tournament, the biggest tournament of the year.

And let's pretend that due to some circumstances this will be one of the most important tournaments of Tiger's career. And you get to join him and actually contribute towards his mission to win the tournament! Isn't that cool? Won't that be exciting?

Perhaps you aren't a golfer. Can you picture the scenario with another sports figure, an artist or a public servant with whom you'd love to participate?

Or how about the business world? For most people, the idea of advancement is taking on greater responsibility and authority to contribute even more to the success of the business. It is generally a privilege and an honor to have a more significant role in the mission of the organization. A promotion is regarded as a blessing.

God wants to bless those who have chosen to live for him. One of the greatest blessings he can give is not material things or an easy life. Like Tiger Woods, one of God's greatest blessings is letting us participate in his mission. He lets us join him in pursuing his greatest goal. He wants more people in a loving relationship with him and headed to heaven. He longs to have people from every ethnic group worship him. That is the mission laid out in Genesis 12 and repeated hundreds of times in the Bible. And the grand finale, the championship trophy, is described in the last chapter of Revelation with people from all nations worshipping him.

That is the grand story, the tournament of a lifetime. And we get to join in and actually contribute towards the mission. It is both an honor and a privilege. That is a tremendous blessing. That is good news.

So go ahead and pray for a blessing. Pray for a more significant role in God's mission. Those are the kinds of prayers God loves to answer.

9 September 2006

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